The Change Management Coach

"70 to 75% percent of organizational change efforts fail as a result of ineffective, missing or conflicting leadership. ", CEP Inc.

When organizations use change management process that focuses on human factors, they can double the success rate of change. When senior executives and line managers want to further the success rate, and reduce costly turnover they hire me as a coach. A certified organizational coach since 2002 I provide expert coaching and consulting services in strategic areas.

I am brought in as a coach for sponsors and leaders of change management when…

I am available for an exploratory conversation with you about serving as a coach to support your change management team, increase success rates and reduce costs.

"It's a miracle. As a result of working with Bruce, staff has taken ownership for making this a better place to work.", Vice President, Business Unit culture change projects.


What are you thinking or feeling about your business challenges or career opportunities? Please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.


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