Design and Consulting for Mentorship Programs

"25% of job success is based on IQ. 75% is predicted by optimism, social support and your ability to see stress as an opportunity rather than a threat.", Shawn Achor, Good Think Inc

Executives, line and functional managers including organizational development professionals consult with me on strategy, design and cost saving advice for mentoring programs including post merger and acquisition.

I am brought in when…

Please contact me for an exploratory conversation. You can also ask me about Appreciative Inquiry, the Enneagram, CareerLeader and other systems that support awareness, development, team dynamics and productivity.

"As a mentor I learned as much from my protégé. I am more aware of both the similarity and differences among our generations. I have gained tremendous insight for the role social media plays in the public reputation of our organization. It feels very satisfying to learn from my protégé that she sees more potential in the industry as a result of our conversations. "


What are you thinking or feeling about your business challenges or career opportunities? Please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.


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